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The Spirit of MVSR Re-Ignited.

MVSR Campus Connect is a non-profit, non- hierarchical organization, an initiative of the students of MVSR Engineering College, Hyderabad. Our mission is to revive the roots of MVSREC's Campus life and make it a more enjoyable experience for the student community; to bring a positive outlook towards issues of college as well as our community and most importantly, keep students updated through latest in media technologies. Thereby, we aim at leaving a MARK on the time line by giving our alma mater something in return for everything that it has given us!
This is the official Website of the MVSR Campus Connect Initiative.

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All data are securely held in the MVSR Alumni Office will be treated confidentially and with sensitivity for the benefit of the MVSR Alumni and its members. The data are available to faculties, academic and administrative departments, sports and other members associated with the college. Data are used for a full range of alumni activities, including distribution of College publications, notification of alumni events and for programmes involving academic and administrative departments. Data may also be used in fund-raising programmes, which could include an element of direct marketing. The data will not be passed to external organisations.

For Further Queries Contact :

  • Mail: Alumni Relations Manager, MVSR Campus Connect, Old Library Block, MVSR Engineering College, Nadergul, Saroornagar Mandal, Hyderabad.
  • Email:  alumni@ mvsrcampusconnect.org
  • +91-9686108462
  • Alumni Reference number:  your roll number Ex: 0598416


MVSR is honored  to have you back...