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 The MVSR organization is looking for torch bearers for the year 2009-10. 

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What are we looking for?

The MVSR Campus Connect Organization now needs no introduction. It has established itself as a major catalyst of change in MVSR. With over 150 members actively working for the organization and 2300 members being constantly affected by it, it is looking for leaders of tomorrow who can take forward the legacy of what MVSR Campus Connect stands for. The role of the new leaders will be more challenging and exciting as it encorporates more complex and sophisticated areas of interests.  

What do we gain by working for MVSR Campus Connect?

Who in the world wouldn't respect people who have started to be the leaders at a young age. By working for MVSR Campus Connect, you not only acquire all the skills of being a true leader but also have fun time meeting new people from the college as well as outside. More importantly, this will affect hugely on your professional background as no MNC will reject students who involve themselves in such activities.

Selection process:

1. Submission of Form either in Person or Online (Online Registration)

2. Shortlist candidates proceed for Group Discussions.

3. Personal Interview with a Panel of Students and Faculty.

 Why Selection Process?

We believe that the First step of setting up of any organizational unit begins with the structuring of people and since we are setting up the entire MVSR Campus Connect on the lines of a proper corporate set-up, we thought to go through a proper and fair way of deciding who deserves to be the leading team. Another important yet interesting side of the entire selection process would be the fun behind it. Believe me the entire process will boost a lot of confidence for your future "Real" interviews.Trust me its going to be great fun. Yet another reason for the selection process is to ensure people's belief in MVSR Campus Connect that we run though a Complete Fair & Transparent Policy. Finally, Going through the process means you know how to interview your next team for the job.

Best of Luck!

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