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Cynosure Club

  • Each team can comprise of a maximum of 5 members (including lead actors).


  • Time run of the video should be 5-6 minutes.


  • Teams have to register themselves in advance.


  • Registrations will be closed by 24th of march.


  • Last date for submission is 30th March.


  • Only the first 12 entries will be accepted.


  • A maximum of two teams will be allowed to work on the same theme.


  • Teams holding videos with obscene or offensive content will be disqualified.


  • The best two videos will be featured on April 2nd, and will be awarded the title- “Cynosure of the Year 2009”



1)     First Day Experience at College

2)     Film Stars in Politics

3)     Cricket vs. Football

4)     Addicted to Music

5)     Environmental Awareness

6)  Exam fever and preps.


MVSR's Sangamam teaser

MVSR's Walk the talk


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