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MVSR Campus Connect
 is a non-profit, non- hierarchical organization, an initiative of the students of MVSR Engineering College, Hyderabad. Our mission is to revive the roots of MVSREC's Campus life and make it a more enjoyable experience for the student community; to bring a positive outlook towards issues of college as well as our community and most importantly, keep students updated through latest in media technologies. Thereby, we aim at leaving a MARK on the time line by giving our alma mater something in return for everything that it has given us!
This is the official Website of the MVSR Campus Connect Initiative.


"I was quite surprised and impressed to see such a body called MVSR Campus Connect exists in a College. Truly a genius innovation of using cut-throat technology to bring comfort to student's lives. I've never seen such a thing"
- Ankit Fadia, World's 2nd Best Hacker, 
Author of 11 International Bestseller 
and a consultant to FBI & CIA of USA 

"MCC has caught up like a raging fire in a dry jungle in the college and is the current hot topic of discussion in the college and all engineering college circles of hyderabad." 
"An Honest effort by the students of MVSR to take up such initiatives to empower the youth"  
- Dr. Jai Prakash Narayan, President,
Lok Satta Andolan

"It's a Wonderful realisation.  I'm Overwhelmed that our students went a step ahead of others and took such an initiative. That's a proud feeling for any Principal"
-Dr. P.A.Sastry, Principal

"MVSR Campus Connect is the best thing that ever happened to MVSR..."   
- Faculty

"...This thing started by the final year students has proved that nothing is impossible, Its a pure blessing in disguise for us..."   

- Student

" A perfect blend of today's technology & minds of innovative MVSRECians..."    - Alumnus


"Something that we wish that should have started long while ago, but as they say better late than never..."  - Alumnus


"MVSR Campus Connect has set an example in finding innovate ways of not only working together as one, but also working for the society, working for the good of mankind, I think thats the biggest achievement"

 - Dr. Vishweshwar Rao, Secretary, Indian  Journalist Association

" I think MVSR Campus Connect Initiative has set an amazing trend for the other colleges to follow. We are happy to be associated with it."

- RJ Sidharth, 93.5 SFM


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