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Deccan Post : We know Whom to vote.

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Times Of India: 7th Feb 09 

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Pics of We the People Fest : Click here to visit Picasa!

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Times Of India:

This fest will get your vote

A unique voter awareness campaign involving college students was kick-started in the city. Hyd Times gets you an update

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    Badte aatank aur shor se ..ladna haaton mein lekar haath hai!… these lines from the ballet Jagorae Hindustanio reverberated at We The People fest organised by the students of MVSR (Maturi Venkata Subba Rao) college to promote voter awareness on their campus at Balapur recently. As the country gets ready for the General Elections, this unique fest aims to involve students in the process of voter awareness and voter registration. "All the programmes including the rock show, debates, etc., are oriented towards voter awareness, voting rights and political issues," says Advait Thakur, a final year student of the college. A highlight of the fest which is the debate called Big Fight, has been planned on the lines of a popular show on a news channel and will have political and civil rights activists, political analysts and others taking part in it. 
    Tremendous effort has gone into the making of this festival, and about a hundred odd students have slogged to make 
the fest a success. "Had it been a regular fest we wouldn't have had to work so hard. But since this is something that we are doing for the first time we are working hard on it," said Advait. 
    Not quite agreeing with Advait is S Rohit Reddy who says that the theme of the event automatically evoked the interest of the students. "We are doing this for the nation. We are getting involved in this huge political awareness programme. Students are naturally excited about it." 
    But where did this idea come from? 
Many of us have seen the Jagorae… commercial of a particular brand of tea which is counselling the younger generation to wake up from their slumber and cast their vote. The ad was done in association with the Bangalore-based Janagraha which is promoting the fest. This is perhaps the first time that the youth, not just college students but young employees from the software sector too, are being involved in the voter awareness campaign. "We tried to get one billion voter registrations. And we are beginning with this festival in Hyderabad and MVSR is our host institution," says Sharat of Janagraha. 
    Once the campaign gets started, the students of the college will act as chain agents and take the awareness and voter registration process forward to other colleges in the city. 


1st January 2009

Monday last witnessed the first-of-its-kind 'We the People' fest, rather a voter awareness campaign wherein hundreds of college students (who form majority of the voters), took the pledge to fulfill their responsibility as citizens by exercising their franchise.

A unique move involving students in the process of voter awareness and voter registration, the fest was organised by the student body of the MVSR College- the Campus Connect, which in turn, has a
club - the Social Awareness Club. "We were getting the exclusivity of having such a programme in the college. The idea came from a TV commercial, Jaagore, which is counselling the young blood to wake up and cast their vote," coins Advait Thakur, one of the final year students who initiated the campaign.
Principal Dr P. A. Shastry, the driving factor behind the fest says, "It's a wonderful realisation and I'm overwhelmed that our college students went a step ahead along with the support of the Jaagore team to take an initiative in this regard." The motivation can't happen just through one programme. This will only act as a catalyst for the future, he adds. So, the youth really seem to be the face of our country and a vehicle for change! Sharat Potharaju, communication co-ordinator for Janagraha states: "Youth are the agents of change and this is focused on urban youth. And, it is just the first step to get them politically aware." Nadia Akthar chips in: "As students, we need to bring out a revolution. We can't blame the system if we ourselves don't vote. After all, we are the victims." Her friend K Sahiti, a second year CSE student feels, "The youth have a positive attitude towards change when compared to those in their 40's who just blame the system." As Siddharth Reddy or RJ Sid (as he is popularly known), congratulates the principal and the students saying, "Jaagore has given an excellent platform. For things to happen, a spark has to be ignited. I'm sure this fest has been ignited to empower the students to know about their political and voting rights. Yes, we can, is keeping all of us going and we are sure of bringing about change."
The Jaagore team had voter registration counters for the students to enroll in the college campus itself, which must be appreciated. The counters seemed to be jammed as the students actually looked motivated. But, do they really exercise their franchise? Advait coins: "We have counselling sessions to follow up on this and keep the morale high." 

As Sridhar, a team member of Jaagore states, "It's a brilliant initiative and having the registration counters is a great step. One can also enroll online as well via"
Everybody seemed gung-ho about the fest and in carrying forward the message among the other colleges as well.  The Jaagore ad seems to have really stirred the thought process of
Gen-N. Abhinay, a final-year student avers, "The TV commercial got us going. We didn't have a voter ID. So, the Campus Connect team had discussions and decided to have this fest. And, we have promised the Jaagore team that we would get them 1,500 registrations and
follow-up sessions also would be done. I'm sure most of them will register and vote for a change."
These optimistic voices from the students of MVSR College got the fest going with programmes like rock show and debates. The debate team had eminent personalities like Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, the face of the show along with Prof Vishweshwar Rao from Osmania University. Dr JP concurs that, "Almost 92 per cent of the persons who vote,  are accounted for the youth of the country."
And yes! If we don't vote, then who will? So, get registered! (download the photos of the event from here) 

D E C E M B E R:


3rd December 2008

MVSR Campus Connect & its team has yet again achieved new milestones. With a decent start of over 300 students in August as a test run, it now has expanded it self into a full blown organization of 2300 members. It took just a month to climb to 2300 which was made possible by an excellent team effort shown by the Technical Team of MCC. Seeing the tremendous response from everyone including faculty members and management members we expanded in to variety of areas which could expand our horizons. Yet, the major turning point of all these events was the joining of the FACULTY into MVSR Campus Connect to help students intereact with them in a more friendly way. We are trying to get activities in to the campus life which would foster good Student-Teacher realtionships. Lets just hope that this fire in our young guns never gets low.



1st December 2008

With the begining of this semester MCC plans to indulge its members into a vast pool of Social activities such dealing with Ecological, Social, and Welfare issues. MCC now boasts of a formal partnership with few of the most prominent NGOs of the World.  Few of them include: The  World Allicance for Youth Empowerment (WAYE, an UN alliance), Coalition to uproot ragging from Education (CURE) and very soon we will be joining hands with NGOs like BLUE CROSS, TEACH INDIA and CRY.

N O V E M B E R:


28th November 2008

The renovated English Language Laboratories of The Sciences & Humanities department were inaugurated on the 28th of November 2008, @2.00pm  by Shri. M.B.S Purushottam,Secretary of MES, Other management members of the Matrusri Educational Trust were also  present Shri T.Jitendranath, Vice-chairman, MES, Shri Vasudeva Rao, Shri Konijeti Venkata Ratnam, Dr. P.A.Sastry,Principal,MVSR Engg college, Registrar Shri Satyanarayana,Shri T. Saibabu, PRO, MVSR Engg college, Dr SRK.Raju HOD, Dept of S&H, the Heads of all the various branches were present for the occasion. Spreading over an area of roughly about 2400sqft, it has the right ambience that any language laboratory can ask for, it imparts training to students in both its wings , the audio-visual laboratory and the computer aided language learning laboratory and both these labs are fully equipped to impart individualised language training to students.