Multi-Touch Interface Demo from Adobe TED Conference— Video


 The interface that can adapt to your needs.

If you have seen the movie minority report or a number of other futuristic films then you may have seen this technology in action, or at least Hollywoods re-creation of it. 

Multi-Touch technology was put on display at Adobe TED in San Francisco, by Jeff Han.  Multi-Touch Sensing through Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR) is on its way from the R & D room to the showroom.  FTIR comes from the biometric world, where it is used to read fingerprints.  Now it is being used to track multiple screen touches to manipulate screen objects. 

 A physical mouse and keyboard will no longer be needed
as this technology becomes a practical reality.  Physically interfacing with any technology could be revolutionized with an interface that allows the technology to adapt to the user instead of the user adapting to the interface.

Children with disabilities could see a marked increase in learning as this technology
is used to adapt learning technology to them.  Sizable keyboards or floating keys that adapt to the hands of the user are now possible.  No more mouse, would allow a more natural interaction. 
The faster this comes to market the better.  A revolution could be in our near future